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Appendix: Forms and Information

    Appendix: Forms and Information

    The commonly used forms listed below are now available in PDF format. Click on the desired form to view a printable electronic copy. NYS Traffic laws are available online by clicking below.

    Ride Sign-in Sheet - (02/15/2016) - Now you can type in your Ride Leader name and ride details before you print.

    Release Form for Minors

    Membership Application/Renewal Form or Click here to sign-up online.

    Incident Report Form

    Ride Leader Application (2020)

    Ride Leader Acknowledgement (2020)

    Ride Leader Mentor Check List (2020)

    Ride Leader Cheat Sheet (helpful summary of what you need to know as a ride leader)

    How To Post a Ride (includes important requirements all experienced Ride Leaders should know about)

    New York State Bicycle & Pedestrian Laws

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