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Thank you Everyone for Making the 1st SBRA CARES RIDE a HUGE Success

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    Thank you Everyone for Making the 1st SBRA CARES RIDE a HUGE Success

    I want to thank everyone that donated and volunteered thier time to make this event a big Success. 

    I don't have the final # yet but it looks like we will be donating 5,400.00 to Long Island Cares with close to 1,000 lbs of food donated. A few of us lost a couple of nights sleep wondering if it would all come together. 

    I have to give a big shout out to Bernie for doing an amazing job organizing, and Lynn helping Bernie by being there to keep him calm! We had alot of food donations which is much appreceiated and I have to thank our Bike Shops who gave us some amazing things to raffle off. Thanks to Christine for wrapping those raffles and going out and asking for donations.

    I need to thank Lee Kirsch for thinking outside the box and asking some of his clients to kick in and he would match thier donations.

    But most of all a big shout out to all our members that donated even if you were not able to ride and came together to support this event. 

    SBRA is an amazing group of people. 

    Thank YOU!!!


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